no reception. has gone through many transformations, from originating as a duo in the basement of a middle school party in 2013, to a long solo career, to a brief stint as a three piece in L.A, back to a solo project—but more than anything, no reception. is the musical moniker for Claire Julian: award winning author, songwriter, musician, and queer grrrl behind it all. Wherever Claire goes, whatever music she is putting out, the name no reception. follows.


With an extensive and diverse self-released discography of four singles, one LP, and one EP, no reception. offers a little bit of everything, which makes sense considering her cited influences are restricted to no genre, from Halsey, to The Sex Pistols, to The Pretty Reckless. On her debut 2016 album Restless Heart, listeners will find 11 eclectic tracks spanning the genres of pop punk, alt rock, metal and dream pop, while her 2018 EP See Through shows her sliding comfortably into the pop punk genre. Her single Moon Girl, recorded in her friends’ college dorm room in 2017, garnered her attention from a queer fanbase and marked her most distinct venture into pop music.

On all of her tracks released thus far, Claire writes all the music, plays all the instruments, and works closely in designing every aspect of the release—from the album art to the visuals to the promotional content.

In between musical releases, Claire works on her various writing projects, her most notable piece, A Gentler Touch, having earned her a National Gold Medal from Scholastic and put on display in New York City’s Parsons School of Design and Manhattan Pratt Gallery as part of the! Exhibit in 2017.

In addition to writing, she films, edits, and releases her own Vlog Series, with 30 episodes released thus far, and attends The University of Southern California’s creative writing program.


no reception.’s most recent releases include her most popular song to date, Penny, which secured spots on various Spotify playlists and, with it’s surf rock vibes, had listeners likening it to Best Coast, followed by her music video cover of Halsey’s Nightmare, released in September 2019 on Friday the 13th.

Perhaps no reception.’s most ambitious project to date, the music video was directed, written, and starred in by Claire, with editing, production, and videography done by her friend Crow Brennan, known for his work with The Stolen. Showing Claire in an all white room performing the song with hate speech painted in red all over her body and released in conjunction with a manifesto inspired by riot grrrl culture, the Nightmare music video was a bold statement that most notably attracted attention from music blog American Pancake and USC’s newspaper The Daily Trojan.

Now, at home in New York taking a semester off to spend time with her family and focus on her next phase of music, Claire looks forward to sharing with the world what she has been working on in 2020.


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