no reception. was founded by New York based musician and award winning author Claire Julian in 2013. Originally a duo, no reception. developed into a woman melodic punk band—with Claire adopting the roles of songwriter, vocalist, guitarist, bassist, and drummer. 


It was 2015 when Claire took over the role of vocalist and it seemed like a fitting time to go into the studio and begin recording her debut album, Restless Heart. This album marked the beginning of no reception.’s professional career. With 11 eclectic tracks spanning the genres of pop punk, alt rock, metal and dream pop, this record is an homage to the beginning years of forming a band, starting to write, and finding your sound. "She Wants Me", the first track on the album, offered a glimpse into the future of no reception., with pop punk tastes reminiscent of Blink 182 and Paramore, while "To Brooklyn" garnered a lot of attention for its poetic lyrics and arena rock, sing-along chorus. .


Around the same time Claire was in the studio recording, she was working on a short fiction piece—A Gentler Touch—largely inspired by her own complicated feelings of being in the closet in high school. Later in the year, the piece was awarded a National Gold Medal from Scholastic and put on display in New York City’s Parsons School of Design and Manhattan Pratt Gallery as part of the! exhibit.

The release of Restless Heart coincided with Claire’s college auditions and just a few months following, she accepted a merit scholarship to attend the prestigious Frost School of Music at The University of Miami. A couple months into being there, Claire wrote her single "Moon Girl", recorded by peers Dylan Monti and Isaac Diskin in their dorm room studio, with Dylan Monti and Matt Aranow featuring as musicians—Monti on guitar and percussion, Aranow on bass.

"Moon Girl", with its irresistible cheeriness and unique surf rock vibes, is no reception.'s most popular song to date. It gained recognition online from various queer blogs and radio stations, including and Not Weird, Queer Radio, and presented no reception. with the opportunity to perform at one of SheLife's LGBTQ+ night life events in the Wynwood Art District of Miami.


Following "Moon Girl", Claire continued to write music, finished the first draft of a poetry book she is collaborating on with illustrator Mia Dunn, directed, produced, edited, and starred in her own Vlog Series, posted on Youtube with upwards of 20 episodes already released, and began writing articles for L.A based music, art, culture, and film blog Control Forever. Additionally, she made the choice to transfer into the creative writing program at the University of Southern California.

Nearly a year after the release of "Moon Girl", no reception. was thrilled to drop a brand new single, "Time to Kill". The track, with it's infectious pop melodies, crunchy guitars, fast paced drum grooves, and painfully relatable angst, caught the attention of several staple music bloggers, including: Savage Thrills, Come Here Floyd, and Bristol Funk. Shortly after this, the music video for the track came out, followed by the full EP See Through.


Now, after four years as a solo act, no reception. welcomes Matthew Haddad, Devon Hiland, and Richie Novick to the lineup, and is excited about the release of their latest single, "Penny".


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